Friday, 6 July 2007

Something to Sell

To make a sale I needed a product and so I chose to start with voice calls.

I can initiate a call between two phones anywhere in the world using the BT Web21C SDK at a cost to me of around 20p where the call can last for up to 2 hours. While this may not be cost effective for my customers making a quick local call to say they are on our way home, it does offer some real value for those making long overseas calls particularly if they want to involve mobile phones at one or both ends.

To make a profit though I need to add a margin that will cover other costs such as hosting, transaction fees etc... So a charge of 30p per call can still offer value over a two hour call of around 0.25p per minute to anywhere in the world.



Jamal said...

Well... This is great but unethical with regards to pricing. Charging just 30P a call??? How can we compete with you having the same idea. To beat you , we have to make it free.
It's not fair

Tim Stokes said...

The price of the service to me is the price of the service to you. I'm not special in any way. Check out BT's Web21C SDK. I welcome the competition.