Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Why Price Isn't Enough

Earlier today I learned that SunRocket, the VOIP only Telco had shut up shop and left 200,000 odd subscribers in the dark without their communications. With most of us now having multiple ways to communicate through our landlines, mobiles and softphones, losing one type of communication isn't probably a big problem, but if you only had one form of voice communications and that gets taken away, that could be quite painful.

Anyhoo, does the departure of SunRocket provide more opportunities to others to take the market, or is it a signal either the market isn't ready. Is it simply the case that SunRocket plans were foiled and they didn't have a plan B? It's hard to say from the outside, but there's a lesson for us all in there. Know your customer, understand the business problem, don't over commit and think about competition.

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So farewell then... SunRocket

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